Get out of your offices and enjoy our team building programs.

Step into unforgettable adventures!


Team building Programs

We present a wide selection of outdoor team building programs,

and leave you to choose what you believe is best for you and your team.

Enjoy nature!


u prirodi

Step out of your office and enjoy an outdoor adventure. We are here to create the unforgettable adventure for you.
We know you will want more!



u zatvorenom

Sometimes the weather does not permit us to enjoy the great outdoors,
but sometimes we just like the comfort.
The right choice for true hedonists.



večernja zabava

The night life allures us all.
Competitions in well known bar games and the hunt for the best bar in town can present a real challenge.


Serbia is rich in beautiful scenes and glorious sights. Serbia is the only place in the world where you can experience the melting pot of culture and history, natural beauty, gastronomy and oenology, sports and recreation. Discover Serbia with us in the way you like.
We meet the demands of our clients concerning the purpose and goals of their desired event - we take into account who the program is intended for, what are the goals and requirements, whether the program is educational, recreational or entertaining - it is most often a blend of all three elements.
The participants of our team building programs quickly awaken their competitive spirits through our monitored sports and adventure activities.
We will prepare the plans and programs for your event according to your requirements and will send you a detailed proposal and activity descriptions.
The team that works well knows how to play well! Develop collaboration within your company or team!
Due to the dynamics of modern life, we are left with little time to think about ourselves and the things that interest us. Escaping the every-day grind has benefits in the form of increased energy, improved mood and a closer relationship with our environment. Connect your team mates during one of our outdoor or indoor team building programs, even night time adventures, and be certain that your teams will be able to meet any challenge they face in the future.
Choose the program you like and that suits your team, contact us with all particular characteristics and requirements of your group for the organization of the entire event, and set off for your team building adventure.