Liability release form

Please read the liability release form in its entirety before making the final decision to participate in the activities and afterwards sign the form so you can take part in any activity that exposes you or others to any kind of risks or danger.

Liability release form for outdoor activites

I declare that I am aware that the activites of alpinism, orienteering, archery, adventure rope and wire courses, montaineering, hiking and other entertaining and recreational activities organized for myself within the arranged program (refered to as “activities”) could be difficult and dangerous and could result in injury or death. In case I cause damage and pain to any person or property, I take upon myself the blame and responsibility for it, while I will make sure the organizer and no related party suffer any harm or damage. I declare that in case an accident occurs during or caused by my participation in the activites, I will not hold accountable the Epic Adventure agency which is the organizer of these activities; I also waive all of my legal rights for damage claims or suffered injuries which could have occurred during or after the activites and which are guaranteed to me by law. I hereby waive any and all future legal claims guaranteed to me by the laws of the Republic of Serbia and release the Epic Adventure agency, along with their subsidiaries, partners, employees, legal representatives, owners and other persons acting on their behalf to which such a legal claim could relate to. I am also aware that I participate in these activites of my own free will, that I will participate in the activites as much as I choose, after considering my own wishes, physical abilities, health and psychological concerns. It is my responsibility to notify the organizer and other participants about my health condition and all possible psychological or physical concerns. I agree to follow all set rules for participation and safety, for my own good and for the good of others. I am aware that participation will be allowed only after the rules and instructions have been presented and explained, the equipment and safety checked, while the organizer can deny my participation at any time. I give my consent that the photo and video material can be used by the Agency and their partners for the purposes of promotion and activity reports. I have read this form, understood its content and agree to the conditions for participation.

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