Organizacija događaja Srbija





The Epic Adventure Agency provides logistics support services during the organization of scientific gatherings, private and corporate social celebrations, as well as all sorts of business events. All you need to do is send us an e-mail with the description of your event, with your requirements and participant profile, and let us take care of everything else.

Conferences and seminars

Scientific and professional gatherings are extremely important for professional development, lifelong learning and presenting of new achievements and innovations. Conferences and seminars are particularly characterized by specialized kinds of logistics support services in the form of venue, spatial capacities, technical support, accommodation, transportation, interpretation services, activities and all other aspects of scientific and professional exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The Agency provides organizational support for all aspects and services related to scientific and professional seminars, conferences and congresses across Serbia.

Corporate Events

Promotional, creative or educational events present a significant platform for communication and spreading of the feeling of belonging between the company and its partners, associates and the general public. Corporate events come in all sizes and forms: gatherings, seminars, educational workshops, meetings or team building programs.

Every event is characterized by its theme, goals, participants and content and as such deserves full attention. Let us take care of all the requirements and focus on your own tasks.

Business Meetings

Sometimes you need dedicated time outside of limitations of the usual working surroundings to achieve the desired goals. Gathering a group of participants in a private location who are united by the same goal can be immensely useful and important when it comes to making crucial decisions with high status participants.

The Agency will take care of everything you need to hold business meetings in a private atmosphere in carefully chosen locations.

Exclusive Events

Exclusive corporate events present the highest form of spreading the feeling of belonging and expressing gratitude of the company toward its partners, employees and associates. Carefully equipped and prepared space in a secluded location is the right choice for your chosen guests and participants. We offer you exclusive locations supported by organizational services of all content and adventures.

Private Parties
Guests are generally unaware of all the preparation and organization a successful party requires. The Epic Adventure Agency will come to your assistance and organize the entire event for you. Feel free to contact us with the details about the celebration you want and rely on us to prepare everything for you.

Special Requests

If the event you desire is not mentioned in any of the existing categories or you have a special request, feel free to contact us with all the details of your event and we will write back to you as soon as possible.