Adventure is a step away from you!





Each program puts you in a special time and space where your adventure takes place. Explore new towns through the stories of locals and have an unforgettable experience, or spend the time in a château with your group and work on improving your team and taking part in active holiday programs.

Adventures without limits

Adventures have no limits – all you need is your imagination!

For some adventures, there simply are no limits. Everyone imagines their ideal adventure differently, for one person it could be a cruise on a luxury yacht with supreme gastronomic delicacies, for another it could be an adrenaline fueled experience packed with activities. VIP adventures are intended to those who know what they want. Some of the things which make this program special are exotic destinations, luxury accommodation, the finest food and drinks, quality service, tremendous fun and a chance to make your dream adventure come true.

Nature and adventure

An adventure in nature is the real deal – find out why!


If you ever imagined yourself as a jungle explorer or as a hero of your favorite adventure story, you simply have to embark on an adventure in the great outdoors. Test your resourcefulness in the wilderness, camping skills, food preparation, try out archery or fishing – the adventure you have always desired awaits!

The program can be one-day or multi-day, with accommodation and activities as you requested. The program is a combination of multiple challenges and skills and is always carried out outdoors. Accommodation is available in mountain lodges, camp sites or private residences, with transportation and other necessary services.

Culture and heritage tours

Serbia is situated at the crossroads which connect the entire world – according to certain ancient manuscripts, Serbia is the center of the world.


The specific geographic position is one of the main reasons for the rich and colorful history of one small European country. Explore modern Serbia and fragments of its past reaching back to ancient history. Find out why this corner of the Balkan peninsula was always the bridge between civilizations and cultures, why the eastern capital of Rome was situated here, and where one of the most ancient civilizations in the world once thrived.

The program includes multi-day tours which include accommodation, meal and transportation to arranged locations. Some of the sights include cultural and religious monuments and locations, ethnic villages and museums. Each program is tailored according to the requirements of the client.

Medival adventure

Find out what life was like in medieval times!


Medieval times are the age of great knights and kings, legends and magic. Find out which skills were needed in everyday life and try your hand at knightly skills. Just some of the challenges that await you on your path to becoming a medieval knight include archery, axe throwing, sword fighting, fire making, outdoor cooking and many others. While it may seem simple, trust us, it is not!

The medieval adventure is a full-day program during which you face challenges as you learn about life as it was in the olden days. There is a wide variety of activities and challenges that can be tailored to your wants and needs.

Gastro - Enological

The old saying still rings true, if you want to come to know a specific country, you have to eat and drink with its people.

Serbia, because of its location, climate and terrain has always been known for its lush and fertile land, with certain food and drinks made only here. Visit the mountains and villages where top quality local produce is made, taste the icy water from the forest springs, walk the slopes where the fruit for traditional drinks grows and visit restaurants that nurture traditional ways of preparing national dishes.

During this program, participants visit ethnic villages and restaurants, wineries and households where they can taste the tradition which has been passed down for generations. Arrangements for one-day or multi-day programs can include accommodation and transportation, as well as other activities as required.


Spend the night in a million-star hotel!


We offer you the unique opportunity to escape from the everyday grind and spend a few days immersed in nature and all of its charms. The outdoors is our natural environment, although we forget this easily. By returning to nature, we become closer to ourselves and are relieved of the all-present stress of modern life.

Camping can be complemented by hiking, kayaking or rafting, or any of the various outdoor activities we offer. Choose the comfort level you want depending on your group's needs and size – standard camping or glamping – camping with style. We provide organizational services for small or large campsites, with all the accompanying infrastructure and logistical support.

River Cruise

Discover the wonderful world of our rivers and sail into the sunset!


There is no better way to relax and experience the river than by taking a cruise. Familiarize yourself with the wildlife that inhabits the waterways with all the comforts a ship provides. Enjoy the cruise with a drink, barbecue and music, or visit some of the numerous river islands and set up camp for the night – the choice is yours. The boat is an ideal place for social gatherings, celebrations and all kinds of team building programs.

 Boat tours are organized on all major watercourses in the country and can last one day or several days. The duration, the sights, the location of the tours, lunch after the activities and all other requirements can be arranged according to your wishes.

Off-road safari

Take a ride in an off-road vehicle and visit secluded spots!


Off-road vehicles allow us to cross great distances and visit remote and hard-to-reach places. Very quickly, you can find yourself surrounded by nature or you can see wild animals in their natural habitat. Complete the day with lunch, a hike or archery and you have a winning combination for all seasons of the year. Off-road vehicle safari trips are organized on the location you desire. The duration, the sights, the location of the tours, lunch after the activities and all other requirements can be arranged according to your wishes.


Exploring waterways is always interesting, especially if you are in a kayak!


The kayak allows you to experience the river and its surrounding area more intimately. Sail through the hidden backwaters, take a break on a river island and dive into the water whenever you desire. Go kayaking and spend the day on the water, and spice up your adventure with some camping, a bonfire on the river bank and food prepared on the spot.

The kayaking trip is organized on routes of up to 20km lasting for up to 4 hours, and each group is accompanied by an instructor. Possible locations for the program include lakes, canals and rivers. Kayaking adventures can be half-day, full-day and multi-day, and can include meals, accommodation and other outdoor activities. We use unsinkable, one seat and two seat kayaks, and all participants wear life jackets.


Conquer the most beautiful peaks and experience the amazing natural sights of Serbia!


Serbia is famous far and wide for its dense and rich forests, diverse flora and fauna, fresh water springs and high mountains. Spending time outdoors and engaging in outdoor activities can yield numerous benefits. This is especially true when we are surrounded by clean air, unspoiled nature and good company. Take a break from the urban life and modern technology, connect with nature and push your boundaries.

Mountaineering programs are tailored to each group and can involve half-day, one-day or multi-day arrangements. In addition to the hiking trips, the programs may include tourist visits and other outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking or camping. Accommodation, meals and transportation can be arranged according to your desires.